The Early Years Music Groups were established in Nottingham by Wendy Prevezer in 1996 to provide fun and interactive music sessions  for babies and toddlers under three years, with their parents or carers.

Groups take place in term time, in Beeston  on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Sessions last for 45 minutes and cost £5.00 for one child or £8.00 for two. There are up to 16 children in each group, with their parents and carers. Please note: Tuesday groups are at Queens Road Methodist Church Beeston (NG9 2FE) and Friday groups at the Pearson Centre on Nuart Road (NG9 2NH).

Children can come from 6 months, until their third birthday (or to the end of the half term in which they turn three). There are two age-groups, with some overlap for flexibility.

You can keep up to date with news of the Early Years Music Groups and how/when to book, by subscribing to the blog on this website, and by looking at the Facebook page:

My Main Aims

To give the children and parents a good time, by enabling them to take an active part in enjoyable muscial activities.

To use the children’s love of music, and their natural responses to it, to help develop their social and communication skills.

To teach them some fundamental musical concepts and skills through interactive songs and games.


In 2011 I was  interviewed about my work as a music group leader by Anne Hayes of Nursery World magazine. You can read it here