The framework of the sessions stays the same, but within that there is plenty of variety from week to week. Each session usually contains the following activities:-

Greetings Songs: Hello to everyone, and to each child individually.

Whole Body actions: Rocking, wobbling, shaking, stamping and stretching.

Hand and Finger rhymes: such as One Little Baby, Roly Poly Poly, Creeping, creeping, creeping, Here comes the sun, Tick tock and more.

The Listening Box: Where are your ears? Are you ready to listen, listen, listen? (Hear the Listening Box song here! Listen)

Playing Instruments: Tambourines, castanets, drums, xylophones, rakataks, bells, shakers and home-made items. (Hear a song here for xylophones, about a clown going up and down the steps. Clown Song)

Moving Around: Walk, dance, spin, crawl, jump and roll…

A Group game, often with pictures or props,  such as autumn leaves, blossom, butterflies, fish in the sea, balls popping off lycra, even snowballs! Hear the Bonfire Night song here:  Firework Song

A Puppet: Meet the lion, dog, hippo, hedgehog, snake, squirrel, crocodile, baby or Postman Pat himself. Guess who’s in the bag today! (Hear one of the puppet songs here. Puppet Song)

A short lullaby (usually ‘Soualle’ from Africa) followed by a Goodbye song.