My approach is interactive: the children can affect the activities from a very young age, as their choices, ideas and responses are incorporated in to the songs and games.

Vocabulary and concepts are simple and repetitive but interesting and stimulating to very young children. Pictures, props and instruments are carefully chosen to be suitable for children under three.

I use recorded music for arrival times, and accompany songs live on the autoharp ( and ukulele. Parents are actively involved in the groups, supporting their children as necessary. I take their feedback into account when planning future sessions.


Why do music with young children?

Mainly because they love it. so they attend to it and take an active part.

As well as enriching their everyday lives, musical activities can help to prepare children for nursery and school, by building their social confidence and laying the foundations for literacy and numeracy.

Research on the effects of using music with very young children (aged 0-5) has shown that ‘taking part in regular, structured, active and creative music-making (rather than passive listening or watching), led by an expert musician with skills in working with this age group, over an extended period of time… does impact on several areas of these children’s development’. (From ‘Turning their ears on… keeping their ears open: exploring the impact of musical activities on the development of pre-school age children’. Summary of a research project commisioned by Youth Music in 2006)

Some areas of development that can be

supported by music:

Concentrating and understanding
Watching, listening and imitating
Interacting, sharing and taking turns
Emotional development and a sense of self
Vocal control, speech and language
Early concepts and vocabulary
Creativity and imagination
Rhythm and rhyming
Counting and sequencing
Physical skills: coordination of whole body and fine finger movements.

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In 2011 I was interviewed by Anne Hayes of Nursery World magazine, about my work as a music group leader  You can read the full interview here: