Looking forward to seeing you all again this week, for the Fireworks song!

Also I just saw this amazing opportunity for anyone who feels they might benefit from a bit of support. I don’t know the therapist personally, but it looks good!

FREE help for parents …Parent-Infant Psychotherapy Sessions available at Beeston North Children’s Centre

From November Rachel will be offering free Parent-Infant Psychotherapy to parents alongside their children aged 0-5, on Tuesdays, at Beeston North Children’s Centre. To sign up for a session, please email rachelmaryford8989@gmail.com to arrange a time and date.

What is Parent-Infant Psychotherapy?

Parenthood can be challenging and, at times, overwhelming. It can bring up all sorts of complex and unexpected emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Parent-Infant Psychotherapists support expectant parents, parents and their children from pregnancy through the early years (ages 0-5) by offering a safe space to talk and think together about any concerns they have about parenting and/ or their child. Therapy sessions are always confidential and non-judgmental.

Seeing a Parent-Infant therapist might be helpful to those, for example, who are:

-Experiencing sleep and/ or feeding difficulties
-Worried about their relationship with their child
-Concerned about their child’s development
-Dealing with pre-natal or post-natal depression
-Dealing with birth trauma
-Experiencing difficult feelings that have stirred up as a result of becoming a parent
-Dealing with difficult family dynamics

Sessions are one to one with expectant parents/ parents and their children and will take place at Beeston North Children’s Centre. Each session lasts 50 minutes. Depending on individual needs, people might wish to come to see me on a short-term (anything from 1-10 sessions), or long-term basis (10 or more sessions). We can discuss what might work best for you after an initial therapy session.

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