Well it’s official…eymg is offering Live Interactive Online Sessions for the summer term on Zoom (with all known security/privacy measures of course).

If you enrolled last term, you will have received an individual email, giving you a head start to book your place before general booking opens tomorrow, and offering you credits where they are due. Do remember to reserve your place if you want to join, by answering the email!

In these extraordinary circumstances, the cost is only £15 per family for 5 sessions up to half term, with no registration fee. Siblings and other immediate family members are included while school closures continue.

Wondering how it can possibly work online? Well I was too, until 3 weeks ago when I dared to try it. Here’s what some of the parents said:


Wow thanks Wendy, that was amazing. Well done, amazing initiative, you have brightened up our week!

We all really enjoyed the session this morning. T was laughing his head off! Looking forward to more sessions.

Thank you so much Wendy for finding a way to do the session. It was really amazing to see you and the others. We really loved it and are looking forward to next week.

That was absolutely brilliant! Great session thanks Wendy! Cheered us up.

We loved the class Wendy. Thanks so much. C wants to do it again. It was lovely to see everyone too.

Absolutely brilliant Wendy! We absolutely loved it and can’t wait for next week. It must be weird for you not to get the immediate feedback, but take it from me, I know everyone will have loved it, we certainly did here.

We loved today! Well done, thought it worked really well even on a phone-I was worried we wouldn’t be able to see anything. It was brilliant.

Thank you. Wendy thank you so much for putting the time and effort into this morning’s group. It was wonderful to do something ‘normal’ after 8 days of social isolation! F was so excited when she saw you on the screen and really enjoyed taking part, as did I. I thought the whole thing ran very smoothly. Really looking forward to next week.


I’m looking forward to doing springtime activities, especially our favourite blossom song! You will need to have a few small circles of paper ready to throw around for when it gets windy…

Springtime is here, there’s blossom on the trees.
Some days it’s sunny and some days we freeze…

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