Happy Easter everyone!

We’re staying online for now, as I believe that the current restrictions on distancing, sharing, moving around, singing and ventilation would have an adverse effect on the activities, atmosphere and essence of our groups.To join the April – May block of 6 weeks, just send me an email, text or Facebook message to get the ball rolling…and I look forward to seeing you!

Here’s a list of eymg song videos you can enjoy and sing along with while I take a couple of weeks off:

What goes on at eymg? https://fb.watch/4e1mZ6n1_d/

Sitting actions: https://fb.watch/4e1HEt3uDo/

Roly poly poly: https://fb.watch/4e1wBt1Orb/

Listening box and tambourine https://fb.watch/4e1wBt1Orb/

Wendy plays the ukulele: https://fb.watch/4e1CD0vGkC/

Joy of Spring: https://fb.watch/4d_D8h3S8O/

Who’s in the tree? Cuckoo, cuckoo!: https://fb.watch/4e1uvcsxy3/

Shaky shiny bells: https://fb.watch/4e12NU0B4N/

Go go go to the Seaside: https://fb.watch/4e1L6XgVpx/

Trot trot trot & See the pony galloping: https://fb.watch/4e15qyYHBB/

Conkers: https://fb.watch/4e1chrp50W/

Bonfire night: https://fb.watch/4e0YZXqD8q/

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