”They know the routine, which is so important, but you get the variety in as well. You just pitch it perfectly.”

The framework of the sessions stays the same, but within that there is plenty of variety from week to week. Each session usually contains the following activities:-

Greetings songs: Hello to everyone, and to each child individually

Whole Body actions: Rocking, wobbling, shaking, stamping and stretching

Hand and Finger rhymes: such as One Little Baby, Roly Poly Poly, Creeping, creeping, creeping, Here comes the sun, Tick tock and more.

The Listening Box: Where are your ears? Are you ready to listen, listen, listen? (Hear the Listening Box song here! Listen)

Playing Instruments: Tambourines, castanets, drums, xylophones, rakataks, bells, shakers and home-made items. (Hear a song here for xylophones, about a clown going up and down the steps. Clown Song)

We can do Anything… We can walk, dance, spin, crawl, jump and roll…

A Group game, often with pictures or props,  such as autumn leaves, blossom, butterflies, fish in the sea, balls popping off lycra, even snowballs! Hear the Bonfire Night song here:  Firework Song

A Puppet: Meet the lion, dog, hippo, hedgehog, snake, squirrel, crocodile, baby or Postman Pat himself. Guess who’s in the bag today! (Hear one of the puppet songs here. Puppet Song)

A short lullaby (usually ‘Soualle’ from Africa) followed by a Goodbye song.