‘After many years of employing early years music specialists in a professional context it is such a privilege to have one of the best practitioners I have seen right on my doorstep for me and my two little boys to enjoy. Wendy is really a first class musician, communicator and early years specialist, her approach to engaging and interacting with very small children is so imaginative and creative and uses her combination of musical, child development and interaction skills perfectly. I would recommend her groups to anybody and everybody!’  Liz Brown 2012

Some reactions to online sessions in spring and summer 2020:

“Wow thanks Wendy, that was amazing. Well done, amazing initiative, you have brightened up our week!”

“He was laughing his head off! Looking  forward to more sessions.”

“Thank you so much Wendy for finding a way to do the session. It was really amazing to see you and the others. We really loved it and are looking forward to next week.”

“That was absolutely brilliant! Great session thanks Wendy! Cheered us up.”

“We loved today! Well done, thought it worked really well even on a phone-I was worried we wouldn’t be able to see anything. It was brilliant. Thank you.”

“Wendy thank you so much for putting the time and effort into this morning’s group. It was wonderful to do something ‘normal’ after 8 days of social isolation! F. was so excited when she saw you on the screen and really enjoyed taking part, as did I. I thought the whole thing ran very smoothly.”

“S. really like the puppet feeding on screen – thank goodness for technology (and I don’t usually say that!)  If there is a way to continue after Easter I would be keen to sign up.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for the session on Zoom. I’m not sure if you could see H. in the session at all, but she enjoyed herself so much!  I’d been looking forward to it all week, it was so lovely to see everyone and do something familiar in such a strange time. I think it all worked really well. ”

More feedback from the usual ‘in person’ sessions:

”Thank you so much for all the wonderful, magical times both the children and myself have had over the past six years. I feel quite emotional that such a special part of my children’s childhood experiences is over…I’m sure we will continue to sing the songs and make up our own, in the ‘style of Wendy’ for many years to come. Keep doing what you do, so we can keep recommending your classes to others.”

”We really cannot thank you enough for your energy, enthusiasm, inspiration and endless creativity.”

”Thank you for your wonderful classes. Your energy and sheer love of music is an inspiration to all the children.”

“Thank you for all the fun. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for providing such a wonderful and stimulating activity for our children – they benefit enormously from it.”

”Each week is always a real quality time for mother and child and we always look forward to it as well as it providing lots to talk about afterwards.”

”Music is the highlight of his week.”

”You have inspired and encouraged music in our family. We have guessed what’s in your bag, talked about the instruments afterwards, and sung songs together. Thank you for this gift to us over the years.”

”…an enormous thank you for all the music group sessions we have attended over the past 8 years…It’s as fun and fresh as it’s always been. I’m sorry I’ve run out of toddlers! ”

”We have very fond memories of our music group and still sing some of our favourites.”

”You have a rare and wonderful talent for working with very young children…it was such a joyful and calming experience for us to share every week.”

”Thank you for opening my girls’ eyes and ears during our very happy and unforgettable music sessions.”

”Music is the highlight of his week.”     ”She’s enjoyed every minute of it.”

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